Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hi, meet Amber

Yesterday I met the person with the coolest name at EclipseCon... Meet Amber Beerends.

The end of a beer is always sad, but the way I see it, whenever a beer ends, a new one begins. Amber was interested in the Babel project, as Eclipse translations are important to the RCP work she does with her company. Some great discussions ensued.

I also got to meet (and catch up with) a bunch of other smart and fantastic people: Mik Kersten and his Mylyn Crew, the Nick Boldts[] collection, Gunnar Wagenknect, Chris Aniszczyk, Kit Lo and Chris Nguyen and the Babel Crew, Doug Gaff and the friendly folks at Wind River, and likely tons of other folks I'm forgetting but am always delighted to bump into.


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