Tuesday, April 08, 2008

April Fools fun with committers

I'm only a week late in blogging about this, but I pulled a joke on my beloved committers last week when I sent out an oh-so-formal-looking email stating that I was:

- drastically reducing disk quotas (in light of p2's greatness)
- moving the server infra from Linux to Windows (hahaha)
- erasing all CVS projects at the end of the week, forcing all to migrate to SVN

A few 'fell' for the joke, although it's understandable -- I don't have a habit of joking on that list -- but at the end of the day it got a bunch of committers talking to each other, and a few thanked me for making them laugh. It's all in good fun.

Now excuse me as I must go press ENTER on that rm -rf /cvsroot/* command.


Anonymous Ed Merks said...

I got some private notes expressing concern with regard to the terrible things I said about Denis being a truly horrible person and about the foundation being rotten to the core. That was such a hoot. We really need more humor in our lives. Thanks for adding to the levity of April Fools!

12:06 PM  

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