Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Portal Committer Nominations Update

We've had the Portal's committer election process in the field for more than a year now. During that time we have made some refinements and we haven't stopped looking at how we can improve things. I'll be working on a lot of updates over the next few months as we implement changes necessary for the Standardized Groups effort (uber-bug 198541).

In the interim I'm trying to wrap up some of the outstanding bugs we have against the existing process and one of the things that nobody likes is how the project lead has to enter the prospective committer's employer information, even if we know about it already. Secondly, that the lead has to enter that information, not the prospective committer. Lastly, the whole process requires some manual intervention by Foundation staff to tie records to existing committers when a different email address is used than the one we know about. The problem is all derived from the fact that the nomination can be based on any email address. We don't know who the person is so we can't tie the nomination to any existing information about them, and we can't get them to log in in such a way as to tie information together either. So we rolled out a change yesterday that should solve this problem, and hopefully make the nomination process easier. Only the first part is solved, I have not yet fixed the problems for the project leads, but that fix is on its way. What we rolled out yesterday is a new nomination form. It now looks like this:

You can type any part of the name or email address of an existing Bugzilla ID or committer email address and it will search our records to find you all the matches. You can then select the person you are nominating at the next step, the familiar page you've been using for the better part of the last year. Here's the modified page with the new drop-down showing search results:

Yes, the box busts right out of our small widgets. Gabe is working on making that better for all of our components that need it. For this process, though, the one major change is that everyone needs to have either a valid Bugzilla ID or an existing committer ID to be nominated. Committers are all required to set up Bugzilla anyway (and most only get nominated after fixing bugs), so by moving this step to the beginning of the process we can solve a lot of problems for Portal users and speed up the nomination process. More changes are on their way, including the mentioned fixes for project leads. Hope you enjoy!


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