Thursday, May 15, 2008

Babel stats

Eclipse 3.4 isn't released yet, but it's already passed the 50% translation rate for several languages, according to the Babel stats page I just put up:

Eclipse 3.4 Translation progress
Spanish 54.52 %
Japanese 54.31
French 52.79
German 50.26
Polish 49.02
Italian 49.01
Chinese 48.92
Portuguese 48.61
Dutch 48.4
Turkish 48.33

Other improvements to the Babel translation tool include:
- feedback on the number of strings translated on every save (Babel translates all exact matches across all projects)
- completion statistics for each project/version/language right in the translation UI.

Install the Babel-produced language packs from the Babel update site and help us globalize Eclipse!


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