Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Eclipse.org going virtual

When deploying new servers at Eclipse.org, one design requirement is that critical services, such as Bugzilla and CVS must run on at least two physical servers to support hardware fault tolerance and traffic spikes via load balancing.

But dedicating two of the new AMD monsters to Bugzilla is overkill. We've been running virtual servers using the Xen hypervisor for years now with great success, so we have chosen that route for our new infrastructure.

We start by creating a disk image for the server and configuring it production use. Deploying additional vserver instances is as simple as copying and booting the image to a new host, setting the IP, and enabling it on the load balancer. This makes it real easy to deploy vservers to handle load increases -- even if only temporarily for, say, Ganymede, EclipseCon, Denial of Service attacks, and so on.

I expect to have Bugzilla running on a pair of vservers by the end of next week, and www.eclipse.org running on a vserver trio by mid-June. With this kind of power, expect Bugzilla to open and fix bugs for you automatically.


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