Monday, May 12, 2008

Web newsgroups more accessible

Everyone knows (and hates) exquisitus -- the default username for Eclipse newsgroups. Last week Matt removed the authentication from the Web news portal making it even more accessible. Two things were blocking this -- the need to spam-proof email addresses (we did that long ago) and the need to prevent spambots from being able to post their junk on our clean newsgroups.

Matt added the most basic (read: simple, easy, but effective) of captchas to the 'Post' form, so we should be covered. Enjoy!

A forum/newsgroup you can read and write, but don't need to register for... How many of those are left on the 'Net today?


Anonymous Denis Roy said...

Alex: thanks. Slowly but surely, I say.

Prakash: it does, but it's a 'hidden' feature. cross-posting is often known as pure evil, but try playing with the URL.

bana: I read about it some time ago, but I'm kinda low on cycles. This was easier.

6:59 AM  

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