Thursday, June 05, 2008

Commitment, Contributors, and One-timers

In a rather timely fashion, KernelTrap has posted an article entitled One-Time Contributers. Over the years I've heard that Eclipse committers are sometimes reluctant of committing code from outside contributors because they must maintain the API forever. This makes much sense to me, but it can be frustrating for the contributor who takes the time to open a bug, download and untangle the code, create, test and submit a patch when it ends up sitting in Bugzilla for months (years?) until it becomes obsolete.

After reading the KernelTrap article, I got to wondering where Eclipse projects fit on the Progress vs. Risk scale, where committers need to balance being conservative and cautious (slower progress in favour of high stability) over being innovative and avant-gardiste (faster progress with a level of risk).

From the article, it seems one-time contributions can regularly make it into the Linux Kernel. Is it the same for Eclipse?


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