Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Setting up servers for Ganymede

As Ganymede approaches (June 25!!), Matt and I have started setting up the servers and infrastructure to support the rush. Like most OSS shops we like pain, but unlike the others, we enjoy the torture of shipping 20 new project releases at the same time. Let's see Mozilla try this :)

One 100Mbps Fast Ethernet, plus a Gigabit Ethernet rate-limited to 200Mbps. We have the option of raising the limit on the Gigabit in case of an 'oh no where did all these people come from??' situation.

Our website will be taking lots of additional hits and the servers need to handle tons of concurrent connections and very large packet counts. Two of the new AMD servers will be filling the Gigabit pipe, and our workhorse Itanium2 cluster will be filling the 100M pipe. Our website,, has been moved to a new Xen-based cluster of virtual servers hosted on the new AMD boxes as well, to give the Itanium cluster some breathing room.

Both pipes are connected to different Cisco 6500/7200-series routers. Our ISP peers with about seven other major backbone providers, so they can easily handle our traffic.


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