Monday, July 07, 2008

Ganymede after 12 days

I've finally come up for air after being quite busy with the Ganymede release.

I ran some download numbers, and with 425,000 downloads so far we're on track to beat last year's Europa numbers.

JEE 163033
Classic 155451 36.6
Java 56196 13.2
CDT 38052 9.0
Modeling 4582 1.1
RCP 4228 1.0
Reporting 2727 0.6

On the OS/platform side:
win32 354893 83.6
linux32 40183 9.5
mac 17915 4.2
linux64 9473 2.2

Friends of Eclipse used their superhero powers to download before (and during) the rush:

June 24: 226 Friends downloads
June 25: 436 Friends downloads
June 26: 47 Friends downloads

Go Ganymede!


Anonymous Ed Merks said...

Denis, my question is specifically to understand the impact on RCP package downloads which might be either the result of being removed from the main page or from actual decreased interest in RCP. Could we get stats for last year's packages somehow, or don't we have them? I'm more interested in relative percentages than absolute numbers.

The fact that modeling is so well hidden is another issue entirely. I doubt it's an evil plot though it seems a glaring omission.

4:12 AM  

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