Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eclipse Wiki gets a kick in the butt

Matt just finished work on the Eclipse Wiki. The goal was to make it much faster, as it was badly suffering lately. Here's what he did:

- move it to a separate web cluster. It's no longer fighting for CPU cycles with CVS, SVN and other large services.
- move it to a separate IP address, so we can make Wiki bandwidth and responses high priority.
- enable APC PHP caching.
- enable mod_gzip to make transfers smaller (and faster).
- upgrade to the latest MediaWiki release.
- move it off NFS. The Wiki uploads are still on NFS, but the PHP files themselves are local.

Access times have drastically reduced. I was seeing 20+ second access times before, whereas most access times occur within one second now.



Anonymous Kevin said...

This is great, thanks! Editing and browsing wikis can on some days be a large portion of the work day, and previous performance was rather frustration, so improvements much appreciated!

1:10 PM  

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