Wednesday, September 10, 2008

... and the winner is ...

Yesterday I blogged about how our servers went haywire as a result of Karl's (my trusty blog partner and fellow webmaster) accidental usage of the ENTER key. I was looking for the first person to correctly identify at which time this happened by looking at our bandwidth graph.

Each vertical line corresponds to 30 minutes, and as bandwidth reaches its absolute peak just before the 20:00 marker, my guess is that Karl pressed ENTER anywhere from 19:31 to 19:45 (Eastern time zone). I liked Kevin's answer of 19:36 and I think it's likely the most accurate, but he was instantly disqualified because he knows Lynn (the Eclipse swag gatekeeper) personally. That means Andrei wins, with 19:45, and Michal is a close runner-up, with 19:43.

Andrei and Michal, congrats! If you want an Eclipse t-shirt, please send me your shipping coordinates to


Anonymous Kevin said...

Knowing Lynn just keeps on costing me... :-(

10:53 AM  

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