Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Babel server now actively helps translate Eclipse

Thanks to a suggestion and a patch from Babel's newest committer Antoine Toulme, the Babel server now actively participates in the translation effort by finding translations for untranslated strings. There's a lot of string overlap across all projects, and on the French language, our beloved Eclipse Translation Genie has translated an additional 18% of the CDT 5.0 project, bringing its completion rate from 14% to 32% within an hour.

You can watch Genie's progress by refreshing the Recent Translations page. She has already finished scanning French, German, Spanish and Italian, and she's currently working on Japanese. Korean, Portuguese and Chinese will be next.

Genie's automatic translations are great, but she can't do them all. We still need your help translating Eclipse projects. All you need is an Eclipse Bugzilla account!


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