Friday, October 24, 2008

Build Workshop 3: Common Builder in its infancy

We're on Day 3 of the Build Workshop 3, and I'm seeing some really good stuff. Of course I don't understand most of it, but that's what I get from sitting between two rock stars like Nick Boldt and Andrew Overholt.

Folks from the Platform/PDE teams were here for Day 1 and Day 2 and provided tremendous insight on PDE, Ant and builds in general while Nick and Andrew hacked away on the very first iteration of the Common Build Infrastructure: a simple command-line shell script to launch a build. The system was proven to work as Nick managed to build GEF using it.

We've still got work to do before the Common Builder can be used by a large audience, but things are starting to shape up. You can have a look at the code so far. The Common Build Infra is hosted under the Dash project at

The team will be posting some notes, and likely a plan, on the Wiki page later on.


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