Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Four years at Eclipse

On Oct. 1, 2004 I started my first day on the job with the Eclipse Foundation. If memory serves me correctly, that day -- my first day on the job -- I was in a meeting with the folks from IBM and the folks from our ISP (Primus) discussing

a) how we were going to move the IBM-hosted Eclipse server to our new ISP

b) what kind of resources we'd need (bandwidth, switching, routing and firewall gear)

c) plans to migrate all of to a new set of servers

Talk about being thrown into action on the first day. Right then and there I knew I was in deep trouble it would be a challenging job, and it has been. It still is. And it's fun.

Just in time to celebrate my 4th birthday, Nathan has committed a brand new homepage. Let's walk down memory lane and look at our website circa 2004-2005:

Home page, Oct 1 2004

Downloads Page, Oct 1 2004
Back then, if you wanted to download Eclipse, we sent you off to a mirror site right away. The mirror site may or may not work, and you had to decrypt wicked file naming conventions.

Community page, Dec. 2004

Downloads Page - first edition featuring the SDK and easy mirror selection, Apr. 2005

Look, no frames! Dec. 2005


Anonymous Karl Matthias said...

Happy Eclipse birthday boss! ;) If I remember correctly, my first day was Nov 1. :)

2:39 PM  

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