Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Technology PMC is a bunch of badasses

I heard there was some movement in the Eclipse Technology PMC, so I wandered over to the Tech PMC page to discover the PMC is composed of some badass individuals.

Wayne "Mad Dog" Beaton. He's the lead, and therefore the most badass of them all.

Bjorn "Knuckles" Freeman-Benson

Chris "Iron Fist" Aniszczyk.

The only non-brute PMC members are Gunnar Wagenknecht and John Duimovich. But that Gunnar guy talks on the phone while being in the vicinity of what appears to be a beach, so he may have connections to "get the job done" without being anywhere in particular.

Excuse me while I go update my project plan, meta-data, ip log, re-read the dev process and perform an IP review of my own code.


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