Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adobe contributes full translations for Eclipse 3.4 in 6 languages

Yesterday was a happy day for Eclipse users around the globe: our friends at Adobe have given the full translations for Eclipse 3.4 to the Babel project, in French, German, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Korean. See bug 254964.

It will take a bit of time for this contribution to work its way through the Eclipse IP process, but it will be imported into the Babel server shortly and available on the Babel download page.

Thanks, Adobe!

Edited: 'around the globe' sounds better than 'across the globe'


Anonymous Donald Smith said...

This is definitely good stuff. It's a great example one of the many, many ways that organizations that make strategic use of Eclipse can support the broader community.

- Contribute to projects
- Support the Eclipse Foundation via membership
- Support EclipseCon, Summit Europe and the many other Eclipse Events
- Endorse Eclipse to your customers by telling the world you use it and what you like/dislike about it.

Adobe has done a great job in all these areas over the years.

7:36 AM  

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