Wednesday, November 05, 2008

i18n: are you doing it properly?

Babel's fearless leader and Eclipse globalization guru Kit Lo put together a pseudo translation language pack, and it's available for download. Essentially, it takes all your externalized strings and prefixes them with 'eclipsennnnn:'

The Babel Pseudo Translations Language Packs can help:
  • identify hard-coded strings; a string is hard-coded if it does not have the special prefix
  • identify layout problems because of added string length; for example, after adding "eclipse123456:" to "OK", a button label may be truncated
  • identify the component the string is coming from; is the string from Eclipse Platform or from my component?
  • locate the file containing the string; there are probably a dozen copies of the strings "File" or "OK". If you want to locate a particular one to fix the translation, you just have to look up the prefix number from an index file.

The pseudo translation may help you internationalize/globalize your Eclipse plugins correctly.


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