Friday, November 21, 2008

Mylyn: Indispensable

I have been using Mylyn heavily for about a year now. I hadn't realized how much it has embedded itself into my work habits. It was just how I did my job and I never paid attention to how much I was using it. Then my laptop crapped out. The machine was fine but the screen was dead and so it had to go to the repair shop. That turned into a month long ordeal. The catch was that it was supposed to take about a week so I didn't bother to set Mylyn back up on the interim machine, thinking it would just take too long to rebuild all of my queries (I have a lot because I work on so many internal and external projects). After the saga of laptop repair (non-repair really) had passed its second week I started to really feel the pain of Mylyn withdrawal. I was jonesing. What was going on with all those open bugs?! I was reduced to reading emails to see what had been updated, I couldn't easily follow whole threads... The horror.

My laptop is back now. I was able to catch up on all the stuff I missed. Nice little arrows and triangles showing me what had changed since I last reviewed my bugs. Notifications popping up in the lower corner of my screen when a change occurs. Ah.

The bugs interface would be great if that's all there were to the tool. But with the change sets management, file hiding, etc, I don't think I can live without it any more. It's the first thing I install on any

Thanks Mylyn team!


Anonymous Karl Matthias said...

BTW, my previous solution, early on, before I got lazy, was to implement all the queris in BZ and save them there. Then just make the Mylyn ones a front end. But with like 10 queries it's still a pain to set them up.

9:47 PM  

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