Monday, November 17, 2008

Portal Updates

We've been working on the Portal of late, adding features people have been asking for. Here are a couple:

  • Projects have been asking for the ability to inherit their meta-data from projects higher up the chain so that they don't need to maintain meta-data for all sub-projects. As bug 198541 and the Standardized Groups initiative progress this will be more helpful: components don't need to have meta-data filled in. So Bjorn and I added simple meta-data inheritance. If you work on the project and you want to inherit the meta-data from the technology project you simply add the 'inherit' key and the accessor classes we use for all of the data access will simply walk up the tree until it finds the first level that does not inherit. Additional features may come as we see how this works for people. Here's how simple it is:

  • Required fields now show a red asterisk so that you can tell which fields they are before the form is submitted. This should improve usability of some of the forms substantially. See the image above for an example.


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