Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Allô Eclipse? Ici Babel ... parlez-vous Français?

Et oui! Finally, after a couple of months of doodling and a few weeks of intense coding, the Babel team (with Bjorn's help) is releasing its Web-based Translation tool - Release 0 to the general public.

You can now easily do your part in helping translate Eclipse. All you need is a Bugzilla account.

Go have a look -

This is still an early release, so please report bugs, suggestions and enhancements to Bugzilla.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The results are in

Yesterday I conducted a poll asking Friends of Eclipse what they'd like to do for EclipseCON. Don't go voting now -- it's a bit too late :-) Here are the results:

45: im-a-friend-of-eclipse-and-im-going-to-eclipsecon
Cool! Look me up, I'll likely be wearing AMDware all week (hopefully different -ware each day).

26: im-not-a-friend-of-eclipse-and-im-so-ashamed-of-myself
Yes, I understand. Redeem yourself and do good.

19: im-a-friend-of-eclipse-but-im-not-going-to-eclipsecon-someone-has-to-stay-and-get-work-done-while-yall-party

27: friends-of-eclipse-love-beer-lets-do-a-get-together-in-the-lounge-bar-denis-is-paying
10: just-carry-a-sixpack-of-cold-ones-at-all-times-ill-grab-one-when-I-see-you
The idea of carrying cold beer with me all day long had a certain appeal to it. Oh well.

17: friends-of-eclipse-would-like-to-wear-a-badge-at-the-conference-to-show-our-love
Bjorn? Is this a plausible idea?

20: a-friends-of-eclipse-tshirt-would-be-nice-too-how-bout-it-lynn-at-eclipse-dot-org-shhh-dont-tell-her-I-sent-you
Lynn? Ian? Is this a plausible idea?

33: you-guys-do-great-work-yall-need-a-huge-raise-without-you-id-be-using-vi-or-emacs-or-worse-ms-vs
This one goes out to everyone who makes Eclipse what it is, no matter how small the contribution is. You know who you are.

So there you have it. Excluding Gunnar's multiple responses (he's a bit of a keener that way), looks like lots of Friends are going to EclipseCON, and most of them like beer. I'll see if I can organize a Friends gathering -- stay tuned.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Friends of Eclipse @ EclipseCON

Are there any Friends of Eclipse attending EclipseCON? If so, I'm thinking a beer is in order. Those who know me know I like conducting highly scientific polls using the latest technology jargon, so here goes another one. Oh, and SharonC, if you're reading, remember it is perfectly normal for the poll to 'not work' ;-)

You know the drill, cast your votes -- Javascript and cookies not required! I'll post the results tomorrow.


If you clicked 1- please select your preference:

If you clicked 1- please tell me:

Finally, the trick question to catch and invalidate those who simply click everything without reading:

Thursday, January 17, 2008

More bandwidth!

Today we'll be moving closer to the practical limits of Full-Duplexed 100Base-TX, as our bandwidth limit [1] will be increased to 80 Mbps. Faster site, cool! The best part? The additional 10 Mbps are FREE since bandwidth costs typically go down every year, we're getting an extra 10 Mbps for no extra cost. And not a moment too soon, either. Looking at my weekly bandwidth graph, it seems we've riding the 70-meg limit lately. Not a day goes by where I don't thank QoS for allowing us to prioritize CVS and website traffic over downloads. Friends of Eclipse downloads are also prioritized over regular downloads.

With the added capacity, we'll actually be saving money, as I won't need to increase bandwidth for EclipseCON, or for those large releases that typically strain our infrastructure. There's no escape from Ganymede, however, which will require us to bring in much, much more.

[1] I use the term bandwidth when I should be talking about throughput.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I'm going to EclipseCON!

I just booked my flight to EclipseCON, and I'm really looking forward to going this year. I missed last year's event because it competed with my daughter's 1st birthday, but this year they moved the conference dates specifically to accommodate me. Maybe not.

Have you seen this year's program? There's a lot in there for everyone, and for my line of work, I'll be looking into the PHP, DSDP and WebTools tutorials and tech sessions.

And something new this year: look closely and you'll notice AMD is a hardware sponsor this year. Details are still sketchy, but I'm hoping AMD will arrive at the conference with a bunch of servers (perhaps for a kick-ass on-site download mirror) and by Thursday they'll say, "Here, Denis, it's all yours."

Finally, and perhaps the best part of EclipseCON, I'll be able to use my new B2P networking skills in person. Nothing better than flexing elbows with Eclipse's finest. If you're a Friend of Eclipse, come see me and I'll buy you a beer (I'll be the guy wearing an AMD t-shirt for four days).

See you there!

Monday, January 14, 2008

New Project Summary Pages

You may have noticed some of the re-arrangement in the /projects part of the Eclipse website. One of the new pages is a standardized summary page implementation for all projects giving clear and centralized links to lots of things we keep hearing that people can't find. We've also thrown in some cool tidbits like a link to the Dash project's commit activity monitor for the project. Hopefully the new pages will help people, particularly new users, find the information they need. All of the data comes from the project meta-data maintained by each project via the Portal. This is the information formerly stored in the project-info.xml files. Projects are highly encouraged to review their summary page and updated any missing information.

Hope everyone enjoys the new pages!