Friday, February 29, 2008

Babel @ EclipseCON

The Babel team is hosting a few events at EclipseCON. If you're into translating Eclipse or Eclipse plugins, or if you want to help out on the project, come and see us.

Eclipse Babel Project Committers Working Session
Monday, 17:00, 1 hour | Hyatt Regency Santa Clara Lobby Lounge

Introduction to the Eclipse Babel Project
Emerging Technologies · Short Talk
Wednesday, 13:30, 10 minutes | Room 203/204

The Eclipse Babel Project Translation Server
Emerging Technologies · Short Talk
Wednesday, 13:50, 10 minutes | Room 203/204

Discussion of the Eclipse Babel Project
Emerging Technologies · Birds Of A Feather
Wednesday, 19:30, 1 hour 15 minutes | Room 206

On a related note, I also (finally) got the Callisto translations set into the Babel server this week. The total strings translated for both Eclipse Platform 3.3.1 and 3.4 went from about 11,000 to just over 1 million. This should push us so much closer to language packs for the upcoming Eclipse Platform SDK 3.4.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eclipse Europa (3.3.2) is here for Friends

The Europa maintenance packages (based on Eclipse 3.3.2) have been uploaded by the project teams. Although the files aren't available for public consumption while mirrors prefetch them, Friends of Eclipse can download everything Right Now. Here are the URLs:

Become a Friend
Login to Friends Mirror

Eclipse Packages:
CPP Linux x86_64
CPP Linux
CPP Win32

Java Linux x86_64
Java Linux
Java Mac
Java Win32

JEE Linux x86_64
JEE Linux
JEE Win32

RCP Linux x86_64
RCP Linux
RCP Win32

Eclipse Platform/SDK 3.3.2


Thursday, February 21, 2008

Eclipse translations picking up the pace

I logged into Babel today to translate a few strings, and was happy to see things picking up:
French 1910
Portuguese (Brazil) 943
German 735
Spanish 342
Polish 330
Hebrew 318
Portuguese 89
Czech 74
Chinese (Simplified) 19
Japanese 9
Arabic 3
Norwegian 1
There's obviously lots of strings to translate, but if a whole bunch of us only spend a couple of minutes here-and-there, we'll get Language Packs in no time. While you're there, file bugs and enhancement requests against the translation tool itself using Bugzilla.

If the only other languages you write are PHP and SQL, we can still use your help by adding new features to the Translation Tool. Have a look at the Server Tool Developers' guide on the Wiki.Publish Post

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

AMD servers piled in my office

Today was a happy day for me. I received the first four servers that AMD has donated to the Eclipse Foundation.

The servers came packed with 8GB of RAM and two Quad-Core Opteron processors to ensure speedy processing. The first server to be deployed will house the UDC MySQL database (which will likely be huge in no time). We'll be running all kinds of SQL queries on large datasets via a Birt reporting application.

We're likely going to deploy some units towards and Bugzilla. Those two sites get nearly 3 million page views/day of mostly dynamic content, and they need to be fast and responsive. I'm sure a few extra cores will help here.

Here's a picture from above. 4 GB per processor, with plenty of room for added RAM. Goodness abounds. I haven't load-tested the boxes yet, but with minimal load they seem to run surprisingly cool.

Thanks, AMD. What a great gift.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mozilla getting feedback from its users for Bugzilla

I was quite surprised when I got an email last week from the Bugzilla User Experience team. They were interested in the "top-10" searches on the Eclipse Bugzilla homepage, and the "nice feature of forwarding from"

I was more than happy to help providing answers, especially if our improvements make it into the codebase. But it was just nice to see the Bugzilla team actively seek input from its users.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

EclipseCon Has Everything

One of my jobs as an Eclipse webmaster is to support EclipseCon from the IT side. That means working on all the systems and databases that make EclipseCon run on the back end. One cool side-effect for me is that I learn about all the cool stuff happening at EclipseCon well before it happens. And guess what?! This year there is a lot of cool stuff. I keep looking at talks and trying to figure out how I can schedule in all the ones I want to attend. There are somewhere north of 500 talks and sessions planned. Guess what? Tomorrow is the early registration deadline. If you don't want to miss out on the bargain pricing sign up now.

I'll be in attendance (so will Denis) and will be happily working on our new AMD Opteron servers that have been kindly donated by AMD.

See you there!

Friday, February 08, 2008

AMD Opteron servers: just in time for EclipseCon!

Just in time for EclipseCon, AMD is donating five Opteron-powered servers to the Eclipse Foundation. How rockin' is that? Here are the specs:

- Dual CPU, Quad-core Opteron 64 processors
- 2x 320GB SATA disks
- Tyan motherboard with all the goodies
- 2u server chassis can fit 8 disks

These machines will just shred through whatever we toss at them, so we must put them to good use. Such powerful machines open up so many possibilities!

One unit will be shipped to EclipseCon, so you can see the beast up close. After that it will be used to house a huge MySQL database and BIRT-based reporting application for the Usage Data Collector, which can potentially add zillions of rows per month. Number-crunching power will be crucial here.

The other four units will likely power Bugzilla and our website,, specifically. Both these heavyweight sites are currently served from our 5-node cluster, and putting them on dedicated hardware will not only speed them up, but it will also remove substantial load from the cluster itself.

I always want at least two servers for each site for fault tolerance, but chances are that's too much power -- and I certainly don't want those quad-cores sitting idle. Therefore, Matt, Karl and I have discussed using Xen's virtualization engine to create virtual servers instead, allowing us to split one server into, say, 2 or 3 vservers. Latest Xen code supports the AMD-V -- hardware virtualization acceleration -- so the vservers should perform just as well as their bare iron equivalents.

Come see me at EclipseCon and I'll show you these great new machines. If you've never met me before, here's a hint: I'll be the guy wearing an AMD t-shirt and dancing around like a giddy school girl :-)

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Newcomer newsgroups top-15

Yesterday Wayne wanted to know who posted the most on the eclipse.newcomer newsgroup in the last year. After razzling-and-dazzling him with my Linux one-liner prowess, I came up with these results:

Top-15 active people on eclipse.newcomer:
1. Ed Merks
2. Eric Rizzo
3. Daniel Megert
4. Walter Harley
5. Mark Dexter
6. Krzysztof Daniel
7. Ian Bull
8. Jakub Jurkiewicz
9. Bartosz Michalik
10. Darin Swanson
11. Hendrik Maryns
12. Derek Morris
13. Tom Schindl
14. David Wegener
15. Wayne Beaton
29. Me

Those guys rock and are definitely under appreciated. Thanks!

Oh, and here is the one-liner in question:

for i in $(seq 13830 21829); do egrep "^From:" $i | awk '{print $2 $3}'; done | sort | uniq -c | sort -nr | head -n20

Having put more thought into it, I realize I could have done the same thing using only awk. It certainly rivals vi and emacs for "Best Operating System" award.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

OSS: I want my cake and eat it too.

When it comes to Open Source Software, I often get the impression that people want their cake and eat it too. The closing sentence of an email I got in the webmaster inbox really pulled my strings:

"The least the world expects of FOSS software, is to get well developed tools which can be comparable to Microsoft Visio & Project Professional etc for real and serious work."

Although I don't know what MS Visio and Project have to do with Eclipse, it appears that some folks expect OSS software you get for free to match all the ease-of-use, polish, security and functionality aspects of commercial software you pay money for. To me, it just does not (and can not) add up, and when choosing FOSS vs. commercial software there needs to be a compromise somewhere.

If you're using OSS because you're simply too cheap to buy a polished, packaged, perfectly symmetrical and well-documented, well-supported commercial solution, then get ready for some compromise. If you use OSS because you like the power, flexibility and the hands-on approach that OSS offers, and you don't mind investing some time in understanding the inner workings, then you deserve to save some money. Want your cake and eat it too? Buy an OSS-based commercial product, such as Novell's SuSE Linux Entreprise, IBM's RAD or Genuitec's MyEclipse -- but don't expect it to be free of charge.

Friday, February 01, 2008

Eclipse Translations: French in the lead

I ran a quick query on Babel translations to see which languages were in the lead for translating Eclipse:

| name | StringCount |
| French | 786 |
| German | 151 |
| Polish | 82 |
| Arabic | 9 |
| Portuguese | 2 |

The French definitely have it going on ... and they're not all from me (I only translated a few strings). Come on folks, let's get translating!