Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Babel translations done easy

The Babel team has put together a new feature that makes it really easy to translate Eclipse strings. Today I logged in and was attempting to translate this string to French:

Filters matches that are inside deprecated members

I'm fluent in French, but all the software I use is English, so I had no idea where to start. Enter Translation Hints to my rescue. I simply selected the text "Filters matches that are inside" and I got a hit:

Then I selected "deprecated members" and got a hit as well:

With a completed translation, I hit 'Submit' and am rewarded with the following:

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Community vs. Quality

At Babel we're trying to solve the Localization of Eclipse problem with a community approach, where anyone can help translate Eclipse. However, a recurring concern (shared amongst commercial entities) is the quality of the translations, as they are not being done by professional translators.

As I was casually testing a new Babel feature, I stumbled upon this message, in English, that I was attempting to translate to French:
The Bundle-NativeCode file {0} could not be not found
An innocent mistake, really, but considering this has been in CVS for almost 2 1/2 years, I began wondering why the professional translators haven't spotted this. Or perhaps even worse, the pros simply translated the string as per their requirement and didn't bother to go the extra mile to have this fixed. I did.

So there we have it... Babel is enabling community-driven translations, and we're make the English version of Eclipse even better in the process.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mailing List Goodness

We implemented RSS feeds for most mailing lists last summer. They worked great except if you wanted to use the RSS to actually read the list, as some subscribers want to do, you couldn't see all of the content. The default RSS2 feed description does not contain a field for full content, only for preview content. At the request of Boris Bokowski and some others, I added another namespace (same as used by WordPress) that now contains the full HTML content of the message. You can now subscribe to mailing lists via RSS and get the full content in your reader. It has been tested with Google Reader and seems to work great. Lists will be updated as new messages arrive to the list archiver. In the meantime, check out photran-dev as an example. Enjoy!

Your NFS server needs more RAM when...

... sometimes all your NFS processes are in the 'D' state (which essentially means the process is waiting for I/O).

(there is a picture here)

My usual strategy for busy NFS servers (or other file servers) is to have enough RAM to cache about 10% of the data it's serving. This box is serving about 600G of data with 16G of RAM (of which 1/4 is gone to MySQL). I won't likely get any money for RAM soon, so my strategy in solving this bottleneck is to move that huge 4.5G mysql process to another box (now that I have spare hardware). The RAM freed by this move will all go to file cache, thus reducing the load on the disks.

Mixing server roles on one box is never a good idea, but when I have to, I try to combine services that won't fight for the same resources. DB servers are mostly CPU-bound, whereas file serving is I/O-bound. In this case, it has worked well for the first couple of years; however, as traffic (and data size) has increased, both the DB and the file server are fighting for precious RAM, and so they must be split.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Ganymede after 12 days

I've finally come up for air after being quite busy with the Ganymede release.

I ran some download numbers, and with 425,000 downloads so far we're on track to beat last year's Europa numbers.

JEE 163033
Classic 155451 36.6
Java 56196 13.2
CDT 38052 9.0
Modeling 4582 1.1
RCP 4228 1.0
Reporting 2727 0.6

On the OS/platform side:
win32 354893 83.6
linux32 40183 9.5
mac 17915 4.2
linux64 9473 2.2

Friends of Eclipse used their superhero powers to download before (and during) the rush:

June 24: 226 Friends downloads
June 25: 436 Friends downloads
June 26: 47 Friends downloads

Go Ganymede!

Babel around the world

I'm discovering more and more non-English sites that talk about Babel. Here are my latest findings:


China (more)



If you find others like this, please let me know. It's good to read from the international communities out there.