Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Karl and I will be at EclipseCON

Karl and I will both be at EclipseCON this year, representing the Eclipse Webmasters. Karl will be there for most of the systems support (download mirror, registration system, badges, etc) and I'll be there for Phoenix (Eclipse website), infrastructure and Babel talks and BoFs.

EclipseCON is always a fun time, and I always attend as many technical sessions I can.  The depth of Eclipse knowledge at that conference is simply amazing, and I always discover new and cool stuff related to Eclipse. Plus, meeting up with old friends, and making new ones, is infinitely cool.

Thankfully, Matt will be staying here in freezing cold Ottawa to make sure all the servers work, and to take care of everyone who unfortunately can't make it out to California.

See you there!


Anonymous Gunnar Wagenknecht said...

Dude, we have minus eighteen this morning and minus twenty six the night before. It's really cold over here. Oh, we also have thirty centimeters of snow which is like three meters in Ottawa. ;)

9:11 PM  

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