Monday, February 23, 2009 gets a few more Terabytes

We've just added a few Terabytes of disk storage, and not a moment too soon: our 800GB array only had 84GB left.  The new storage is currently being used for all the downloads, but I expect to also use it for the Common Build Infrastructure effort that's in the works. I'm anxious to see how fast Nick Boldt can eat up 1 Terabyte  :-)

The additional disk space will also benefit the performance of CVS, SVN, MySQL and, well, just about everything else, as our 800GB array was simply saturated.  The seek performance of a 7-disk array has limits when you have millions of small files that you're touching all the time.  The addition of 16 disks sure helps in that respect.

Of course, we wouldn't have these problems if we were using git.  Apparently, git doesn't need disk space or servers, because it's a DVCS and all the work is done by someone else.

Sorry, I couldn't resist  :-)


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