Tuesday, February 03, 2009

jarsigner, keytool and expletives

I'll admit to being totally incompetent in this field, but maintaining a JAR signing infrastructure is hard work every three years or so.

After RTFM'ing it back in 2006 and exchanging more emails with Verisign support than I would have liked, I finally made it possible for Eclipse projects to sign code in April '06, using a 3-year certificate.

Fast-forward three years, and I'm at it again, trying to renew the certificate I purchased three years ago. After thoroughly documenting my process back in '06, I thought this time it would be easy.  I thought wrong.

"You live, you learn" they say. I look forward to a flawless renewal of my certificate in 2012.  Fun times :)


Anonymous John Arthorne said...

Sorry Denis, I'm partly responsible for your pain (both in 06 and 09), for not thoroughly reading up on things before offering suggestions. I remember thinking in 2006, "we'll worry about expiry when it happens, 2009 is ages away". I do think it's quite a valuable service and we all appreciate the time you take to set it up.

Also looking forward to 2012...

7:49 AM  

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