Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poll: Anyone want to talk servers/networks at EclipseCon?

Many people looking to set up a server farm based on OSS regularly send me questions about the server infrastructure.  I enjoy discussing our setup, because I think for the most part, it works well (sometimes it doesn't, we all have our moments!).

Karl and I will be at EclipseCon this year, and we both like talking about servers, networks, routers, storage and code.  Will there be any sysadmins at EclipseCon that want to talk about sysadmin stuff?  We're happy to go into painful details over a beer and an ssh session if you promise not to hax0r out r00tness.

Time for one of my patent-free 404 polls, so cast your vote.  I'll post the results tomorrow.





5. http://im-not-into-this-sysadmin-stuff-but-webmasters-sure-could-use-a-lesson-in-coding


Edited: added links to my poll options.


Anonymous Denis Roy said...

Thanks Scott. I was missing that option!

7:41 AM  

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