Friday, February 20, 2009

Poll results: let's talk servers and sysadmin stuff at EclipseCon

Yesterday I conducted a highly accurate poll asking whether anyone would want to talk sysadmin stuff at EclipseCon.  It's a developer-oriented conference, so I thought the question was valid.

What I learned was that either most of the respondents are liars, or my polling software is flawed. I mean, 32 respondents said their name is Gunnar.  Really.

Also, the overwhelming majority voted "I only hang out with webmasters for the free beer."  I know that can't be true.

So Karl and I will host a really informal Servers/SysAdmin/Stuff talk at some point at EclipseCon.  I think the most appropriate location for serious discussion such as this is the lounge bar, right?

Here's the complete breakdown.  I didn't bother to remove bots and duplicates.  Hey, if I had that kind of time, I'd be installing git, right?




Say it isn't so....


Did you get your daughter to register those clicks?


1 http://im-not-into-this-sysadmin-stuff-but-webmasters-sure-could-use-a-lesson-in-coding

Yeah, that one was rigged in my favour...  Props to the person who did register that vote!


See you at EclipseCon!


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