Monday, March 30, 2009

git off my lawn: DVCS discussions at EclipseCon

There was a lot of discussion surrounding the DVCS topic at EclipseCon.  Everything from Panels to Talks to BoFs to bar fights. Well, no bar fights, really.

In the end, at the second of two BoF sessions, small-ish group of people managed to come up with what looks like 'a plan'.  Doug Gaff took some notes, including 'the plan', and I think he'll be posting those to the Wiki shortly.  cc yourself to bug 257706 if you haven't done so already, and someone will post links to the Wiki minutes as they become available.


Anonymous Gunnar Wagenknecht said...

Mhm ... Doug just blogged "... it sounds from Karl's post that the activity was significant enough for the Foundation to start putting a plan together."

So who is putting together the plan. You or Doug?

9:27 PM  

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