Monday, March 30, 2009

The unsung heroes of EclipseCon

We all heard about how Econ '09 was great, and how Bjorn is a superhero.  But Bjorn cannot pull off such a great conference alone.  I wish to highlight a few behind-the-scenes people that helped make '09 such a great conference.  In no particular order:

- The Blue Shirt people.  You probably didn't even notice them, but they keep the roof from falling.

- Scott Rosenbaum and the program committee.  Your hard work shined in the richness of the program.

- Nathan & Ian.  I mocked Ian's TwitterVision incessantly here in the office, but in the end, I admit it was really, really cool.

- The presenters and speakers. They didn't just read slides; they gave us hands-on, they walked amongst the audience, they made us laugh, think and learn.

What a great conference it was!


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