Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Help translate Eclipse in time for Galileo

At Babel, the Eclipse globalization project, we're busy getting ready for the Galileo release.  Our goal is to have the most complete, accurate and polished language packs ready for download with Galileo.

After fixing some stats issues, we were excited to see that Eclipse 3.4 is 98.8% complete for Chinese and French, and over 90% complete for four other languages.  You can see all the Eclipse 3.4 stats here. Many thanks to Adobe for donating the full translation set for Eclipse 3.4 in six languages, and IBM's Eclipse 3.2 translations which were used as a starting point.

We're currently migrating the existing translations to the upcoming Eclipse 3.5/Galileo projects.

How can I help?

There are many ways you can help :

1. Get a Bugzilla account and start translating! You'll be productive in less than three minutes.

2. If you know PHP/MySQL, check out the Babel Server code and submit patches.

3. If you know Java, help advance the Messages Editor plugin.

4. Download and test the language packs we build.

5. Test Eclipse for proper string externalization with the Pseudo Language Packs.  Report i18n issues with the projects.


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