Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Favorite Linux IDE

My latest copy of the Linux Journal (yeah, an actual magazine, printed on paper...  with ink), featuring the Readers' Choice Awards 2009, shows  Eclipse as the winner of the Favorite Linux IDE award. This quote sums it up:

"In Eclipse, one can work in a lean environment and add and subtract an incredible array functionality with its myriad modules".

This quote was quite interesting:

"At the same time, the second largest vote-getter was “Other”.

Audacity, Amarok, OpenOffice.org, Adobe Air and, uh, Dell also got picked as Linux favorites.  Ubuntu got the Distribution of Choice award, which is ironic for me, because I'm getting ready to ditch it and return to my Good Old Fedora.


Anonymous Ian Bull said...

My life has been so much better since I ditched Windows and moved to linux for full time development.

7:53 AM  

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