Monday, February 23, 2009 gets a few more Terabytes

We've just added a few Terabytes of disk storage, and not a moment too soon: our 800GB array only had 84GB left.  The new storage is currently being used for all the downloads, but I expect to also use it for the Common Build Infrastructure effort that's in the works. I'm anxious to see how fast Nick Boldt can eat up 1 Terabyte  :-)

The additional disk space will also benefit the performance of CVS, SVN, MySQL and, well, just about everything else, as our 800GB array was simply saturated.  The seek performance of a 7-disk array has limits when you have millions of small files that you're touching all the time.  The addition of 16 disks sure helps in that respect.

Of course, we wouldn't have these problems if we were using git.  Apparently, git doesn't need disk space or servers, because it's a DVCS and all the work is done by someone else.

Sorry, I couldn't resist  :-)

Friday, February 20, 2009

Poll results: let's talk servers and sysadmin stuff at EclipseCon

Yesterday I conducted a highly accurate poll asking whether anyone would want to talk sysadmin stuff at EclipseCon.  It's a developer-oriented conference, so I thought the question was valid.

What I learned was that either most of the respondents are liars, or my polling software is flawed. I mean, 32 respondents said their name is Gunnar.  Really.

Also, the overwhelming majority voted "I only hang out with webmasters for the free beer."  I know that can't be true.

So Karl and I will host a really informal Servers/SysAdmin/Stuff talk at some point at EclipseCon.  I think the most appropriate location for serious discussion such as this is the lounge bar, right?

Here's the complete breakdown.  I didn't bother to remove bots and duplicates.  Hey, if I had that kind of time, I'd be installing git, right?




Say it isn't so....


Did you get your daughter to register those clicks?


1 http://im-not-into-this-sysadmin-stuff-but-webmasters-sure-could-use-a-lesson-in-coding

Yeah, that one was rigged in my favour...  Props to the person who did register that vote!


See you at EclipseCon!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Poll: Anyone want to talk servers/networks at EclipseCon?

Many people looking to set up a server farm based on OSS regularly send me questions about the server infrastructure.  I enjoy discussing our setup, because I think for the most part, it works well (sometimes it doesn't, we all have our moments!).

Karl and I will be at EclipseCon this year, and we both like talking about servers, networks, routers, storage and code.  Will there be any sysadmins at EclipseCon that want to talk about sysadmin stuff?  We're happy to go into painful details over a beer and an ssh session if you promise not to hax0r out r00tness.

Time for one of my patent-free 404 polls, so cast your vote.  I'll post the results tomorrow.





5. http://im-not-into-this-sysadmin-stuff-but-webmasters-sure-could-use-a-lesson-in-coding


Edited: added links to my poll options.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Novell keeps on giving

It occurred to me that our SUSE Linux Server subscription was about to expire, so I begged asked our friends at Novell if they would consider renewing it.  This subscription gives us access to online updates for our SLES 10 server OS.

They were easily convinced  :) runs on many server platforms: IBM POWER, Intel Itanium2, AMD and Intel x86_64, and I think we have a plain x86 box too, all of which are supported by Novell. Having the exact OS consistency across platforms is absolutely liberating for a sysadmin.

Thanks, Novell!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eclipse disk space

In the 'a picture is worth 1000 words' category:

+5 TB??  +1 !

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

jarsigner, keytool and expletives

I'll admit to being totally incompetent in this field, but maintaining a JAR signing infrastructure is hard work every three years or so.

After RTFM'ing it back in 2006 and exchanging more emails with Verisign support than I would have liked, I finally made it possible for Eclipse projects to sign code in April '06, using a 3-year certificate.

Fast-forward three years, and I'm at it again, trying to renew the certificate I purchased three years ago. After thoroughly documenting my process back in '06, I thought this time it would be easy.  I thought wrong.

"You live, you learn" they say. I look forward to a flawless renewal of my certificate in 2012.  Fun times :)