Monday, November 30, 2009

Oh, that Bjorn!

Great!  Now that I have everyone's attention...  :-)

You'll be thrilled to know that I just learned how to configure an NFS server.  Yeppp.  Folks have been doing this since 1973 and I just figured this out last week while a lot of you were eating turkey.  Go try CVS.  Or downloads. Or running a build.  I bet you a beer at EclipseCon 2010 that it will be faster.

Bah, just try it.  You know you'll get your beer anyway.

Hudson and Builds need hardware.  But it's fall, and the money tree is bare.  Every day, the UPS guy does not bring a large shipment of boxes in my name.  But that's not stopping Dave Carver, Kim and I from trying stuff out.  Stay tuned.

I'm adding e4 to git.  Right now.  You see, in this community, sometimes your bug is ASSIGNED, and soon RESOLVED FIXED before you even open it.

That is all.  You may return to your regularly scheduled programming.