Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Hardware Upgrades Part 2: Solving problems 1 and 4

See also: Part 1

Solving Problem 1 is easy: just add bandwidth.  With 10 new servers, we need more rack space, so I negotiated a good deal on some upgrades here as well. Now that our Cisco gear is multi-Gigabit capable, we can trade up that 100 megabit Fast Ethernet colocation port for a Gigabit port.  We'll also add 20 megabits of permanent bandwidth, upping bandwidth from 80 megabits to 100 megabits.

Bonus side effects: packet latency will reduce with the increased signalling rate of Gig Ethernet.

Problem 4 is solved by a pair of Intel SR2625UR servers, boosted with more RAM thanks to Google.  With 48G of 1066MHz RAM and eight Intel Xeon e5540 processors (sorry if this sounds like advertisement, but I love technical specs), these things will take complex SQL queries and spit out results in no time.

Other strategies include using a RAM disk for temp table creation.  Four 10K rpm SAS drives attached to an LSI RAID controller means disk access will be fast, for those few times where disk is needed.

Bonus side effects: Since MySQL will be removed from the Power5 NFS servers, NFS will have much more memory for file cache.  Also, reading and writing MySQL data, logs and temp tables will free disk seek time.


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