Monday, March 01, 2010

More hardware donations == happy webmaster

After last week's donation from Google, this time it's Intel's turn to make the webmaster office a cheerful place.

I have just received the first of two shipments of donated servers: Eight (8) Intel SR1600UR servers, featuring two Quad-Core Intel Xeon E5540 processors, 12GB of RAM and a pair of 500GB SAS drives.  I had specifically asked for very powerful, yet small 1U servers, and Intel sure has delivered.

This is Intel's second hardware donation to the Eclipse Foundation.  Back in 2004, they donated the Itanium2 CPUs used in our current cluster.

Once loaded up with 24GB of RAM, these servers will provide extra power for our web servers (, Wiki, Bugzilla) and  In future posts I will go into more details on how both the Google and the Intel donations will make better.

In the meanwhile, do I look happy or what?


Anonymous Gunnar Wagenknecht said...

What? Eight servers with 12 GB each? Holy!

Anyway, we'll have to discuss that picture @ EclipseCon over an frosty yellow shining beverage. I guess at some point it will turn from happy into funny. ;)

5:19 AM  

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