Friday, March 19, 2010

Poll results: Why do you go to EclipseCON?

In yesterday's poll, I asked you what were your primary reason(s) for going to EclipseCon.  Here are the results:
41 /i-go-to-eclipsecon-to-meet-up-with-friends-colleages-and-to-network
39 /i-go-to-eclipsecon-for-the-free-beer
30 /i-go-to-eclipsecon-for-the-technical-stuff---talks-tutorials-bofs-its-all-good

It's a two-way tie for first place: you go for the great technical content and for the social/networking aspects of the conference.  I'm sure the high number of "free beer" responses are just a statistical error, nothing we need to pay attention to really.  Or, maybe it's a symbolic thing -- Eclipse is free as in beer, so you go for the free "beer".  Yeah, that's it.
24 /i-go-to-eclipsecon-for-the-free-food
23 /i-go-to-eclipsecon-for-the-free-stuff
20 /if-its-a-link-i-just-have-to-click-it--what-is-eclipsecon-and-how-can-i-download-it

I'll let you decide what to make of those numbers.
10 /

Well that's interesting.

Of course, others felt it appropriate to formulate their own poll responses:
1 /i-go-to-eclipsecon-for-the-free-beer-from-the-webmaster

Nonsense. I honestly don't know what that person is talking about.
1 /i-wish-I-could-go-but-boss^H^H^H^Hwife-won't-let-me
1 /i-dont-go-to-eclipsecon-but-i-really-wish-i-did

I can feel for these poor individuals that can not attend.  Maybe we'll see you next year?
1 /i-go-to-eclipsecon-to-meet-denis

I was really touched to read that one.  I really was.  Until I read the next responses:

Whatever your reason for going, I look forward to seeing you next week.  If you can't make it this year, hopefully we'll see you at EclipseCon 2011!


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