Wednesday, May 26, 2010 gets new database servers

Last weekend we've migrated our MySQL master and slave databases to the newly donated hardware from Intel and Google.  In this case, both servers are Intel SR-2625's with two Xeon e5540 quad-core CPUs and 48G of RAM (courtesy of Google).  The servers also have a nifty RAID array, but the strategy was to avoid touching the disks.  With 48G of RAM, mission accomplished.

Check out the load average for yesterday:

That's a peak of 0.87 for dbmaster, and 1.98 for dbslave, with averages of about 0.50 each.  With 8 CPU cores, this kind of load average is just barely above idle.

Previously, the databases coexisted with the NFS file servers, so there is an inherent double-whammy in performance gains by removing MySQL burden from the NFS servers.


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