Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Helios is here!

By now you've heard the news about Helios. People are talking about it all over the place: blogs, news, Twitter (not that I use Twitter, but Ian tells me).  People sure like their Eclipse wares -- even the Wanted: 360 Friends of Helios has busted out of the screen.  Congratulations to all the teams involved!

On the webmaster & servers front, there are a number of things that has made this release even easier than in the years past:

- No last-minute rebuilds.  Kudos to all the teams for bringing together so many projects into a cohesive package.  It is no small feat, and despite having witnessed the effort four times before, the amount of co-ordination required to pull this off is truly impressive.

- New hardware. IBM, Intel and Google stepped up and donated hardware to handle the load of all those May-June builds.  During the actual release, our web servers were handling over 5000 connections without breaking a sweat.

- Early syncing. EPP packages were sent to our mirrors over the weekend, which is the best possible time (bandwidth-wise) to do this.  Kim sent the Classic/SDK bits several hours earlier than planned too, which helps avoid the sync rush we usually experience when all our high-bandwidth mirrors come knocking on our door.

- Gigabit Internet connection. With some clever tweaking, I was able to double, even triple available bandwidth for extended periods of time, without incurring any cost to the Foundation.


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