Monday, January 25, 2010

Babel: no need to use map files anymore

Participating in Babel, the crowd-sourced translations effort for Eclipse projects, just got easier: you will soon be able to point it to your update site or p2 repository, and Babel will figure out the rest for you.

Currently, Babel only supports parsing map files, then importing your English strings from your code repository. But since map files are not used by all projects, specifying your update/p2 site will make Babel easier to use.

For more info, see the mailing list post from our fearless leader, Kit Lo.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Bug 300,000 -- we have a winner

Looks like Holger Voormann won my Bug 300K contest.  Holger, I will coordinate with Lynn and get some Eclipse swag to you ASAP.  Congrats!

I guess that means the next bug number of interest will be bug 314159.  That could just take a few months at this rate!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bug 300,000 -- who will have the honours?

We're closing in on Bug 300,000!
mysql> select max(bug_id) from bugs.bugs;
| max(bug_id) |
|      299646 |

Let's have fun with this. If you open Bug 300K and it's a legitimate, real bug, contact me at and I'll send you some Eclipse swag!

Monday, January 04, 2010

2009: from Bugzilla's perspective

Bugzilla confirms it: 2009 was a great year for Eclipse, with 37,839 bugs opened and a whopping 53,466 bugs resolved.

Top bug reporters
480 Xiaodan Wang
478 Markus Keller
446 Tianli Zhang
412 Dani Megert
401 David Williams
380 Paul Webster
352 Andrew Overholt
342 Steffen Pingel
335 Pascal Rapicault
324 John Arthorne

Top bug resolvers
7851 Paul Slauenwhite
1140 Dani Megert
1071 Steffen Pingel
1033 John Arthorne
710 Darin Wright
699 Eike Stepper
627 Paul Webster
600 Curtis Windatt
534 Michael Rennie
531 Olivier Thomann

Top bug commenters
11417 Paul Slauenwhite
5070 Denis Roy
4836 Dani Megert
4367 Steffen Pingel
3774 John Arthorne
3452 Susan F. McCourt
3081 Boris Bokowski
2861 Paul Webster
2702 Darin Wright
2630 Olivier Thomann

I admit to being chatty, but I'm honestly surprised to make this list.

Most attachments submitted

682 Steffen Pingel
613 Xiaodan Wang
548 David Green
458 CDE Administration
404 Matthew Hall
400 Tomasz Zarna
376 Kim Moir
340 John Arthorne
339 Maggie Shen
319 Olivier Thomann

Most contributed patches approved for IP Log
68 Ian Tewksbury
51 Matthew Piggott
46 Ankur Sharma
46 Chris Jaun
44 Ian Bull
40 Tim Buschtoens
37 Pawel Pogorzelski
36 Benjamin Cabé
31 Danny Ju
29 Raksha Vasisht

Do you have ideas for more queries or "top-X" lists that would be interesting?  Post them in the comments.

99.973% uptime

Uptime of our core services (Website, Bugzilla and CVS) has been on the rise, with an average availability of 99.973% for 2009.  If there were 525,600 minutes in 2009, core Eclipse services were missing in action for about 142 minutes.  Sadly, about half of that was because an ISP tech unplugged the wrong cable in May  :(   Oh well, accidents happen.

I'm hoping for 99.99% for 2010.