Thursday, June 09, 2011

Anatomy of an outage - part II

Yesterday I posted about the first of two outages we've experienced last week. Today I'll post about the outage we had late in the early afternoon of June 2.

Similarly to our previous outage, we suddenly lost our ability to talk to our primary switch -- a Cisco 2970 24-port Gigabit switch, in service since October 2004.

We feared the worst -- a tripped power circuit caused by a faulty power supply. Again? Not this time -- the switch was simply 'frozen' with an orange alert lamp. After cycling the power, we were back in business.

But why did it just freeze? Was it beginning to show signs of fatigue? Matt and I took no chances -- with enough available ports on our much newer 48-port Cisco 2960 (part of a hardware donation made by Cisco for EclipseCON 2009), we migrated all the connections off to the new switch.

Accurate graphs and documentation allowed us to migrate port settings, VLANs and QoS rules quickly to the 'new' switch.


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