Monday, October 03, 2011

30.8 Terabytes!

Last month, servers have moved 30.8 TB of data to the Internet. 30.8 Terabytes! That is a first -- even during the yearly release, we've never moved so many bits in one month. And September was a short month :)

It's been a steady climb since we started tracking bits in 2006, but it appears that since early 2010, things have really taken off like a rocket.

So I decided to compare our monthly bit throughput with the size, on disk, of the Eclipse code repos.

Code size is increasing quite linearly, with a noticeable boost in size midway though 2009.

Next up is the same bit throughput and SCM size on disk, compared to our binary downloads footprint.

As we prepare for Eclipse's 10th anniversary next month, these numbers show that there's no slowing down the momentum that Eclipse has gained during that time. Cool stuff!


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