Friday, November 25, 2011

Meeting the people is what this is all about

I attended the Ottawa DemoCamp yesterday, where a bunch of Ottawa Eclipse community members gathered for a bit of food, a bit of beer and a lot of cake to celebrate Eclipse's 10th birthday.

These informal gatherings are not only about food, beer (and cake) and idle chat -- there is some quality learning happening at these events, and a great opportunity to meet some interesting people.

Yesterday I made some new friends who work on Eclipse technologies for the federal government of Canada right here in Ottawa. The Department of National Defense, no less (yes, Canada has one of those).

I also had a short but interesting talk with Ken Hussey about his work on Puppet-related tools at Cloudsmith. I've had Puppet on my list of tools to investigate for quite some time now, and seeing Cloudsmith in that space may help precipitate things.

A gentleman named Antoine also talked to me about Sonar -- a code quality and analysis platform. He made it sound really good, and the screenshots make it look even better. Definitely on the radar.

Ericsson was also in the house, and I had a short conversation with someone whose name I unfortunately cannot remember. But she was very nice, and explained that they use Eclipse and the CDT. I wanted to introduce her to Mr. CDT ("I pity the fool") himself, since he was also present yesterday -- but alas, that never happened.

Lastly, being seen in public with such local celebrities as Kim Moir, John Arthorne and Pascal Rapicault is always a great way to boost one's image.



Blogger Lynn Gayowski said...

Thanks to the Foundation for putting on a great party! I aspire to make your celebrity list next time. Although being seen with me <> image boost.

11:01 AM  
Blogger Kim Moir said...

Very funny!

It was great to see you as always Denis. I mistakenly introduced you to Antoine, Olivier mentioned this morning that his name is actually Anthony Dahanne. Sorry, it was loud there :-)

11:58 AM  
Blogger Denis Roy said...

Apologies to Anthony for getting his name wrong.

@Lynn: for some reason you usual paparazzi weren't following you around, so you were kind of under the radar. Let's blame it on Kevin.

9:20 AM  

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