Friday, March 18, 2011

EclipseCon poll results

On Wednesday I asked you a few questions about your EclipseCon experience.. Here are the results:


Welcome to all the newcomers! Look for me at the bar and I'll buy you a beer *


Popular option... Ask and you shall receive. Go look...


Sorry if I've missed you... Hopefully I'll do a better job this year *


Yes, I know who you are... Quite a costly bunch :)


If running wasn't so early in the morning, I'd likely join you. I'll try this year -- I might actually make it a few feet.

Some other responses and comments I've received:


That's really unfortunate -- there's always EclipseCon Europe, and EclipseCon 2012

I can't really send beer to France but here's what I can do: to the person who posted this, send me an email to If your IP address matches up to that comment in my Apache log, I'll send you some Eclipse SWAG!

I'm so confused :)


It's too bad you can't come ... I hope to see you next year.

* Disclaimer: offer valid while supplies last, no rainchecks. On approved credit. Offer subject to change without notice. See newspaper for details. Professional driver on closed course, do not attempt. Viewer discretion is advised. Product may differ from illustration.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Is everyone ready for EclipseCON?

Only five days until the big event begins (well, four days, if you consider the conference to officially kick-off Sunday evening at the bar).

If you want to distribute large files (or many files) to fellow attendees, upload your files to ASAP, since will be mirrored at the conference centre in its entirety -- including Nightly builds.

As per the tradition, here's a whacky webmaster poll to scope out the conference newcomers and veterans. Please choose one of the following options -- results will be posted tomorrow: