Friday, September 23, 2011

Going to EclipseCon Europe: is there enough beer in Germany?

In the years past, I was told I could not attend EclipseCon Europe because there wasn't enough beer in Germany to satisfy this thirsty Canadian. I'm not sure how much truth there is to that, but it's what I was told.

Anyway, as the European edition of my favourite gathering has grown, so has the need for some official IT support. I'll be flying in Tuesday, Nov. 1 to help (however I can) with WiFi setup and to set up a download mirror like I do at EclipseCon North America. The download mirror is a real Internet saver -- these conference venues typically don't have tons of Internet bandwidth, so bringing a local copy of all your favourite Eclipse bits helps a lot. I look forward to seeing all my European friends, and to making some new ones!

In the interest of saving thousands of dollars in airline fees, I'll be staying over Saturday for some local sightseeing. Since this will be my first time in Germany, if you have any hints as to what I should do during my stay, please post up in the comments.

Edit 9/23: Apparently comments were disabled on my blog. Sorry 'bout that.