Friday, November 25, 2011

Meeting the people is what this is all about

I attended the Ottawa DemoCamp yesterday, where a bunch of Ottawa Eclipse community members gathered for a bit of food, a bit of beer and a lot of cake to celebrate Eclipse's 10th birthday.

These informal gatherings are not only about food, beer (and cake) and idle chat -- there is some quality learning happening at these events, and a great opportunity to meet some interesting people.

Yesterday I made some new friends who work on Eclipse technologies for the federal government of Canada right here in Ottawa. The Department of National Defense, no less (yes, Canada has one of those).

I also had a short but interesting talk with Ken Hussey about his work on Puppet-related tools at Cloudsmith. I've had Puppet on my list of tools to investigate for quite some time now, and seeing Cloudsmith in that space may help precipitate things.

A gentleman named Antoine also talked to me about Sonar -- a code quality and analysis platform. He made it sound really good, and the screenshots make it look even better. Definitely on the radar.

Ericsson was also in the house, and I had a short conversation with someone whose name I unfortunately cannot remember. But she was very nice, and explained that they use Eclipse and the CDT. I wanted to introduce her to Mr. CDT ("I pity the fool") himself, since he was also present yesterday -- but alas, that never happened.

Lastly, being seen in public with such local celebrities as Kim Moir, John Arthorne and Pascal Rapicault is always a great way to boost one's image.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crowdsourced translations make Eclipse in English better too

A few years ago I actively worked on the Babel project -- a crowdsourced solution to Eclipse globalization. Since then the translation tool has been doing its job -- allowing the community to contribute translated strings, which are then turned into downloadable language packs.

Lately, one of our contributors in Japan has been opening a series of bugs outlining issues with the English strings in the message files. Pure awesome.

You have to love the power of OSS -- the more eyes we have looking at code, the better it becomes.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

My first EclipseCon Europe!

I'm in Germany this week for my first EclipseCon Europe. I had heard rumors that the Wifi's performance wasn't comparable to that of EclipseCon NA so I came here to help.

Just to be clear: I'm not involved in the network or Wifi setup at either conference, but I do bring a copy of with me. I then set up a mirror and some redirects so that your Eclipse bits aren't sent over the Internet.

This morning was a typical EclipseCon Day 1: although the conference Wifi is great, as attendees start up Eclipse, the p2 downloads pile up against the poor Internet connection, making it nearly impossible to do anything else. But after some caches, redirects and tweaking compression on, the local mirror is putting out over 800KB/sec and the rest of the world feels accessible again.

I'll keep monitoring the situation throughout the conference and tweak content as I can to help make sure your Wifi experience at econ2011 is the best it can be.