Thursday, January 05, 2012

Authentication changes at

As you may have heard, we've changed our authentication scheme at Instead of having Committer accounts in one database and Bugzilla users in another, both of those databases have been brought together.

We did this for many reasons: it felt strange to ask users to create a "Bugzilla" account to be able to participate on Forums; it was confusing; our sites, such as Wiki and Marketplace, needed to keep track of two auth sources; Eclipse Committers essentially had two accounts, which made no sense; for every new software tool we'd install, we needed to write custom plugins to allow authentication against the Bugzilla database.

Now everything is consolidated, and although we don't have a complete Single Sign On solution, this change has paved the way towards that. It was also a required change in order to deploy the Gerrit code review system.

As with any migration, it wasn't without its bumps and glitches, but overall it went well. Thanks to everyone who tested, re-tested and wrote in to report problems and bugs.


Blogger Marcel Bruch said...

Is it possible to use the new system as open-id provider - or in general to authenticate users against?

For code recommenders we plan to allow people to comment and rate on things or to provide code snippets and the like. This requires some kind of id. I wonder if the Eclipse user data base could be used to authenticate users against it?

5:46 PM  
OpenID ekkescorner said...

I can login to my foundation portal,
but I cannot login to Bugzilla

tried same credentials as for portal: fails
tried bugzilla email address + password from portal: fails


2:22 PM  
OpenID ekkescorner said...

....after resetting my password it works now.
must have overlooked the mail from december to do this
happy 2012

2:20 AM  

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