Monday, February 06, 2012

EclipseCon location change -- poll results

Last week I issued a webmaster "whacky poll", asking you your thoughts on the location change for EclipseCon this year. The results are in!

97 /doesnt-matter-where-it-is-as-long-as-there-is-enough-beer

Earning the #1 spot on the poll, I think it's clear what the priorities are...

93 /doesnt-matter-where-it-is-as-long-as-the-awesome-p2-guys-are-there

That wasn't actually an option on the poll.. However, it seems to have gone viral. Or maybe someone was stuffing the ballot box :)

50 /no-matter-where-eclipsecon-is-webmasters-will-still-buy-us-beer-right?

I think that is one of those "life certainties"...

38 /yay-less-time-on-an-airplane
27 /oh-no-more-time-on-an-airplane

Looks like more people will be spending less time on a plane. In other news, 27 people will be coming from California :)

38 /the-weather-better-be-warm-and-the-beer-cold
29 /if-its-not-in-california-im-not-going

You know, for the last few EclipseCons in California, the weather wasn't all that warm. I hope Washington treats us right.

In the "why-not-do-eclipsecon-in-(insert-tropical-exotic-location-here)" category:
  • Melbourne, Australia
  • Ibisa
  • Fiji
I'm sorry, but Toronto doesn't qualify as either tropical nor exotic...

Others have also improvised their own entries... Such as this go-green one:

1 /yay-less-carbon-dioxide-maybe-we-can-survive-on-this-planet

1 /hi-denis-i-will-ask-my-obeos-colleagues-to-buy-you-some-beers

You can always count on the Obeo guys to give back to the community.

A few people wrote in to say they couldn't attend this year, but this entry stood out:

1 /alblue-cant-make-it-again-will-cover-remotely

That's a shame -- we'll be missing the unique ties again this year.

That wraps up my whacky poll for EclipseCon! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone there.


Blogger St├ęphane Bouchet said...

Be sure i will bother my colleagues to buy you some beers. once again, i will not be there :(

8:53 AM  

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