Thursday, March 01, 2012

Have you translated a bit of Eclipse lately?

Although Eclipse Juno will be released in three months, did you know that for many spoken languages, it is already translated at 75% and more? Thanks to the Babel project, translating Eclipse is easy and almost fun. If you have an Eclipse account, head over to the translation tool at, pick a language, pick a project, a version, and a file, and translate away.

If some English terms confuse you, simply select them and Babel will search for translation hints (shown below). To top it all off, your translated strings are ported over to other Eclipse projects if an exact match is found for the English string. So even if you're working on Eclipse 4.2, you're in fact translating Eclipse all the way back to 3.6, and perhaps even contributing to all projects, from birt to webtools.

When you're done translating, head over to the Babel download page and pick up the next Nightly Build and see your favourite Eclipse projects translated!


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