Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Poll results: How do you prepare your EclipseCon talks

The results are in! In yesterday's poll I asked how you prepared for your talk(s) at EclipseCon. Here were your answers:

30 i-prepare-my-talks-on-the-plane-to-econ

27 oh-crap-ill-be-back-later-theres-something-i-must-go-do

22 i-prepared-my-talk-in-2009-maybe-i-should-update-it

19 i-prepare-my-talks-while-i-drive-to-econ

16 i-prepare-my-talk-when-i-get-there

124 I-assumed-Denis-was-preparing-my-talks-for-me

If you think I am in some way qualified to prepare your talks, the attendees are in for a painful experience.

56 like-Eric-I-prepare-mine-on-the-toilet

That is way too much information.  I'd be leery of printed handouts at those talks.

For some reason, there were more answers on the topic of beer than any other.   I am shocked!


Congratulations -- you are in for a great week. Catch me at the bar and I'll buy you a beer.  You'll need to be fast since I am not at the bar very often.


In this age of Drupal-enabled websites, this is out of my control.



I am sorry.  I will try harder this year.

5 /

I know who you are.

5 /

I will run with you -- to the beer store!


Thanks to everyone who participated!  I look forward to seeing everyone again at EclipseCon 2013!


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