Friday, January 24, 2014

Results: EclipseCon 2014 is returning to California... What are your thoughts?

The results are in!!  Earlier this week I posted a whacky poll, asking you what your thoughts were on EclipseCon's return to the Bay area.  Here are the results:

36 Im-glad-its-back-in-SF-I-hope-the-weather-is-nice

32 Im-still-hopeful-for-an-EclipseCon-in-Maui-make-it-happen

30 I-prefer-the-east-coast-less-time-on-a-plane

No surprise there.  I enjoyed driving to the last two EclipseCons but I'm looking forward to sunny California!

16 doesnt-matter-where-ECon-is-I-will-be-there

11 Im-glad-its-back-in-SF-I-will-visit-with-family-and-friends

6 what-no-beer

I have to keep my material fresh, so there were no choices for beer.  Sorry.  But that didn't stop some poll veterans from making up some choices.



Looks like I owe some kind folks a beer or two.  Less than 2 months to EclipseCon North America, see you there!


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